Student Handbook



Dear Parents,

We welcome you and your family to Moore Elementary – Home of the Eagles, Where Everyone Soars! This student/parent handbook is intended to provide you with important information regarding Moore Elementary School. Hopefully, these rules and regulations will serve as a guide and help you with questions you might have regarding the operation of MES. A clear understanding of school guidelines by parents and students will facilitate school/home communication. We have highlighted some of the school policies and guidelines that are necessary for the safety, welfare, and well-being of our students. Please keep this handbook throughout the school year. You are encouraged to review the contents and share appropriate information with your child. As a parent or guardian, your interest and involvement with your child’s education will promote a positive attitude toward learning and academic achievement


We know that educating a child is a team effort that must involve the parents. Parents at Moore Elementary are a vital part of our success. Our parents provide countless volunteer hours ensuring that our students have the best elementary experience possible. Both the PTO and school sponsor a number of events throughout the year. We always look forward to Moore Miles, Cranium Carnival, Festival of Nations, Fine Arts Night, Color me Moore run, Summer Send Off, Book Fair, Spirit Nights, and the countless other activities our PTO supports. Working together, we can create an elementary campus environment that supports success, provides direction, and encourages the joy of learning for our students.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the school office. To our new families, I hope you grow to love Moore as much as I do and, to our returning families, you are what make Moore Elementary such a special place to be!


Lisa Burgin
Moore Elementary School

Mission Statement and School Vision


Vision Statement

Moore Elementary School values diversity and strives to educate the whole child giving our students the tools to succeed in a global society.  Our school will provide a safe and supportive learning environment while partnering with parents and the school community to promote student learning.

Mission Statement

Moore Elementary is a safe, inclusive community that educates and encourages children to reach their full potential.


Arrival and Dismissal Procedures


Students will be permitted to enter the school building through the main entrance beginning at 8:00 a.m.  Students should proceed to their designated area where they will be supervised. Children are tardy at 8:31 a.m. Please do NOT drop your child off at any other location. For your child’s safety, students are only allowed to enter the building at the main entrance doors. All other doors will be locked. If you arrive after 8:30 a parent or guardian must come into the front office and sign in your child.

Bus Riders

Students riding the bus will be dropped off in the front entrance semi-circle. Bus riders will enter the school through the front double glass doors and proceed to their designated area. Staff members will be on duty to direct your child to their assigned area where they will be supervised until they are dismissed to class. Cars are not allowed in the bus lanes during arrival and dismissal.

Car Riders

Students arriving by cars will turn into the school grounds and proceed around the north side of the building.  When you arrive at the east side of the building, pull into the far right lane closest to the sidewalk. Cars will line up on the far right lane only; thus allowing your child to exit safely. ALL CHILDREN MUST EXIT THE CARS ON THE SIDEWALK SIDE.  If the first car pulls up to the front of the sidewalk area then six to eight cars can unload all at once. Parking is NOT permitted in the arrival drop-off lane.


If you would like to walk your child into the school building, please park in the east parking lot. Cross the car lanes at the cross walk only, then proceed through the main entrance doors. You will need to sign in and get a visitor’s pass at the front office before proceeding into the school area.

Independence Day

The Tuesday after Labor Day Moore celebrates Independence Day.  Independence Day is a way to celebrate and encourage all students (K-4) to walk independently to their classroom each morning.  We feel it is important for students to learn how to transition independently to their classroom with their peers.  Parents are welcome to walk their child to the front door of the school in the morning and say their goodbyes before entering the building.  We have ample staff members on duty both in and outside the building to ensure all children make it to their classrooms safely.


Dismissal Procedures

Bus Riders

Students will be dismissed beginning at 3:25 P.M.  Students will be called by bus number as it arrives. Students will be loaded onto the bus by a MES staff member in the front semi-circle driveway. Car riders may not be picked up in this area.

Car Riders

Parents of car riders will proceed around the north side of the building and continue to the east side where parents will park in the car holding lanes. Please remain in your vehicle and wait for your child. Please turn off engines and refrain from using cell phones during dismissal.  All cars are to wait for a signal from a staff member who is directing trafficNO CAR SHOULD MOVE UNTIL ALL CHILDREN ARE IN THEIR CARS AND A SIGNAL IS GIVEN FOR CARS TO MOVE. Each family will be given a car rider sign to place in their passenger window.  Cars without this sign will delay the dismissal process, as ID will have to be presented and checked.  Signs will be sent home during the first week of school. Children will be dismissed by name and they will cross to the cars using the sidewalk or crosswalk.  Cars will be signaled to leave beginning with the lane closest to the school building.

Parent Pick-Up

If you wish to come into the building and wait for your child, please park in the east parking lot and enter through the front entrance doors. If it is before 3:30 p.m., you must go to the main office to sign out your child.


Students who walk home will be escorted by a teacher to the sidewalk area in front of the semi-circle driveway parking spaces.  All parents and guardians should wait in this area to meet your child with their school issued walker badge.  Parents or guardians without this badge will have to present their ID and have it checked before a child will be released. These badges will be sent home the first week of school. This will help ensure the safety of all students

Thank you for your cooperation during arrival and dismissal times. The safety of all children is very important. Your patience and consideration for the safety of our students is appreciated!




Attendance, Tardiness, and Early Dismissal

The sole authority for the enforcement of the compulsory attendance laws are placed on the local Board Of Education & its designated employees (TCA 49-6-3006).


The sole authority for the enforcement of the compulsory attendance laws are placed on the local Board Of Education & its designated employees (TCA 49-6-3006).

 Excused Absences

FSSD Board policy on attendance lists excused absences as (FSSD Board Policy 6.200):

  • Personal illness or illness of immediate family member
  • Personal injury
  • Homebound
  • Hospitalization
  • Pregnancy
  • Death in the family
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Religious observances
  • Military service of parent or guardian
  • School sponsored or school endorsed activities
  • Summons, subpoena, or court order
  • Extenuating circumstances which, in the judgement of the principal, create emergencies over which the student has no control, determined on a case-by-case basis


    Absences not due to reasons above will be considered unexcused, and the student will be responsible for making up missed work upon his/her return. When a student is absent, please call the school by 9:00 A.M.​ and state the reason for the absence. This communication helps as the attendance secretary is verifying absences and assists her with accountability of all students. The attendance secretary will call a student’s parent/guardian regarding all absences not verified. When your child returns to school, please email Linda Zehring, at or hand deliver a note to the attendance secretary explaining the absence(s) within 7 days from the day the child returns to school. Otherwise, the absence will be marked as unexcused. If you send the note to school through your child, we encourage you to follow up by phone or email with the attendance secretary to ensure that it has been received and properly documented.

    Unexcused Absence Laws

     LAWS (Tennessee Code Annotated – TCA)

    TCA 49-6-3007 authorizes judges to assess a $50.00 fine against parents when a child has more than 5 unexcused absences during a 6-week period.

    TCA 49-6-3007 requires the principal to notify parents when a child is absent 5 cumulative days.

    TCA-49-6-3001 School Attendance Law which requires all children ages 6-17 inclusive to attend school each day.

    (TCA-49-6-3007) communicates the steps involved in the required Tiered Truancy Intervention Plan


    Notification Sequence and Consequences

    When a student accumulates 5 unexcused absences or 5 unexcused tardies, the parent will receive a letter from the attendance secretary. When a student accumulates 8 unexcused absences or 8 unexcused tardies, the parent will receive a letter from the attendance secretary. When a student accumulates 10+ absences (excused or unexcused) and/or 10+ tardies (excused or unexcused), a referral will be made to the district safety and attendance supervisor. A letter will be sent to the parent from the district safety and attendance supervisor indicating that excessive absences may result in juvenile court proceedings. Once a student accrues 10+ absences or tardies, he/she will also be required to submit a doctor’s note for absences or tardies to be excused for the remainder of the school year.  It should be noted that if a student is not in school for three (3) hours and 15 minutes, the student is considered absent according to state regulations.

    New Truancy Plan – Unexcused Absences

    Truancy only refers to UNEXCUSED absences. All schools now must follow a new state law that requires school personnel to follow a truancy intervention plan for students who are accruing unexcused absences. Tier 1 intervention will be implemented when a child has accrued 5 unexcused absences. Tier 1 will require tasks to be completed by parent/guardian and student. Should Tier 1 requirements not be met and the student acquires 3 more UNEXCUSED absences, totaling 8 UNEXCUSED absences, Tier 2 will be implemented for the parent/guardian and the student. If UNEXCUSED absences continue to accumulate, Tier 3 will be implemented for the parent/guardian and the student. Tier 3 interventions may result in a referral to the Williamson County Juvenile Court for truancy and a referral to the Department of Children’s Services.

    Chronic Absenteeism – Excused and Unexcused Absences

    Chronic absenteeism includes both excused and unexcused absences. Research indicates numerous absences from school negatively impact a student’s achievement and success. In FSSD, attendance is monitored to determine what barriers, if any, are impacting a child’s ability to be in school on time and for the full day. We want to help eliminate ALL barriers that keep children out of school so our school attendance secretaries, principals and/or the district safety and attendance supervisor will contact parents/guardians if absences appear to be leading toward chronic absenteeism. The Tennessee Department of Education’s reporting standards use attendance data as an indicator of school quality and student success.

     Early Dismissal

    Leaving school early is strongly discouraged due to the loss of instructional time and disruption to the learning environment. However, if you know your student will need to be checked out early, please send a note to the teacher. Students leaving early must be signed out in the school office by parents/guardians.​ ​If the student is leaving early because of a medical appointment, parents/guardians are encouraged to get an excuse note prior to leaving the medical facility and provide it to the front office upon the student’s return. We appreciate your efforts to make appointments during non-school hours. Please note, an early dismissal is also considered a tardy.

    No Advance Assignments

    Teachers will not send makeup work for days absent in advance.  It will be the parent and student’s responsibility to get the work when the student returns. This allows the teacher to set aside work as the week goes on, rather than having to take the time to prepare it prior to the absence.


    A student is considered tardy to school if he/she is not in the classroom at 8:30 a.m. or if he/she is checked out from the office before the school day ends. There will be exceptions for students arriving on a late bus. Tardiness related to oversleeping, traffic, weather, or not leaving home on time is unexcused.  A student who is tardy to school must report promptly to the office with a parent to sign in and get a class admission slip. If a student is late because of a medical appointment, please provide an excuse note from the medical office. Students who leave school before 3:30 are also considered tardy. We trust that you will make a concerted effort to have your child at school before 8:30 a.m.  When a child comes to school late, it causes him/her to get off to a negative start and disrupts the classroom. The attendance secretary keeps a record of the number of tardies and early dismissals per child and regularly reports to the state.

    Guidelines, Procedures, and Behavior Management


    Breakfast Rules

      • Students must eat breakfast before going to walking club or their designated area
      • All food must stay in the cafeteria
      • Students will be dismissed from the cafeteria at 8:20

    Lunch Rules

    Be Ready

    • Walk only
    • Have your lunch lanyard/Know your code
    • Get all lunch materials

         Be Respectful

    • Remain seated
    • Clean up after yourself
    • Follow directions
    • Be kind

     Be Responsible

    • Use good table manners
    • Talk in a soft voice
    • Keep food to self without sharing
    • Raise your hand if you need an adult


    If a child is behaving inappropriately in the cafeteria, he/she will be moved to the “Quiet Zone” table where he/she will eat lunch quietly by his/herself for the remainder of the lunch period.  Repeat offenders will be given an assigned seat during lunch. The MES cafeteria rules also apply to guest tables.

     Parents are welcome on any day to join their child for lunch. Please sign in at the front office and receive a visitor sticker. Space in the cafeteria is limited due to high enrollment. Your child will join you at a parent table to enjoy lunch together. Classmates will remain at their assigned table.



    Parents are urged to contact the child’s teacher first with any concerns.  While the principal urges you to contact your child’s teacher first, please feel free to contact MES administration whenever you feel the need.  Both the principal (Lisa Burgin) and the assistant principal (Janet Carroll) have an open door policy.  We would appreciate you calling and making an appointment, if at all possible.  This assures that they will be available at the appropriate time.


    Please do not come in unannounced before school to talk with the teacher.  They are planning and getting ready for the day.  An unannounced visit may keep the teacher from getting materials ready for the day.  Please call the school office (615-790-4700) and set up an appointment with your child’s teacher should you need to talk with him/her.  Each teacher has a planning time that may be used for conferences. The teacher is responsible for a room full of children and cannot leave the room unattended. A short conversation in the hall can disrupt a classroom and interrupt an entire day’s schedule. Thank you for adhering to this policy.

     Discipline Policy

    Please talk with your child about your expectations of his/her behavior and performance at school.  We will work with students and parents to help students develop self-discipline, but we will not allow a disruptive student to interfere with the learning of other students. The faculty of Moore Elementary has adopted a school wide discipline policy.


     Moore Elementary Discipline Policy

    All personnel are responsible for all students all the time. It is the responsibility of each teacher to maintain discipline in his/her classroom.  A child will be sent to the office if he/she has done the following:

    • Inappropriate language heard by an adult
    • Fighting
    • Consistently disruptive behavior
    • Bullying
    • Disrespectful conduct toward an adult
    • Other – reason not listed as designated by staff member


    Faculty members may issue a discipline referral on a child if the child has had inappropriate behavior. The parent, the issuing teacher, and the homeroom teacher all receive a copy of the discipline referral. It will be the responsibility of the homeroom teacher to follow-up to ensure a copy of the discipline referral is returned and signed by a parent.

    Bus Conduct/Discipline

    Since the school bus is an extension of school activity, bus riders should conduct themselves in a manner consistent with established safety standards and classroom conduct.  If a student behaves inappropriately while riding the bus, he/she will face the following consequences:

    1. A bus conduct report will be completed by the bus driver as a first warning and forwarded to the principal and/or assistant principal. They will make the decision if a consequence is needed.
    2. Two bus conduct reports will result in a 3-5 day suspension from the bus.
    3. Three bus conduct reports will result in an additional 10-day suspension from riding the bus.
    4. Four bus conduct reports or zero tolerance offenses will result in suspension from the privilege of riding the bus for the remainder of the school year.
    5. The parent/legal guardian is held legally responsible for any damage to the bus and/or bus equipment by his/her child.


    Franklin Special School District has implemented a district-wide behavior initiative called PBIS, or Positive Behavior Support. PBIS is a positive way to support appropriate behavior. It is a multi-tiered approach that promotes safe and effective learning environments.  Moore has outlined specific behavior expectations for various areas of the school, which will be taught and modeled to students.  These expectations also support our school rules: Be Ready, Be Responsible, and Be Respectful.

    Gum Chewing

    Because of maintenance problems, students will not be permitted to chew gum on school property.

    Extra Curricular Activities and Celebrations

    Field Trips

    When field trips are planned, we MUST have parental permission for a child to participate.  We do not like to see children miss field trips because of “forgotten” permission slips.  Please send permission slips and money, if required, as quickly as possible.  Administration reserves the right to request a chaperone to accompany a child on a field trip if there are safety concerns due to behavior issues.


    Classroom Parties

    Classroom parties will be held three times a year in your child’s classroom. There is a fall party in October, a winter party in December, and a Valentine’s party in February.   Students are NOT permitted to wear costumes on party days.  If your child’s classroom party is at the end of the day, all visitors will be asked to sign out at 3:00 before dismissal begins.  This will help ensure a safe, smooth, and orderly departure for all of our students.

    Birthday Celebrations

    FSSD has adopted a district-wide protocol which prohibits food items being brought to school for birthday celebrations.  This decision was based on various factors including the dietary restrictions of many students and protecting instructional time. If you would like to send something for your child to pass out to classmates on his/her birthday, you may bring non-edible items such as pencils, bookmarks, stickers, erasers, etc.  You may also choose to dedicate a new book to the library for your child’s birthday.  The librarian will help select the perfect book and will place a dedication sticker inside the front cover with your child’s name and the date. This is a great way to celebrate their day, leave a lasting legacy at MES, and allows the teacher to highlight your child’s birthday in a very special way.  Teachers may also have their own ways of recognizing the birthday child and making him/her feel special that day.


    You may purchase an ice-cream treat for all students in the classroom to enjoy at lunch time. This can be done by ordering and purchasing from the cafeteria two weeks prior to your child’s celebration day.  Ice-cream treats available to the students will include options for those students with food allergies and other dietary restrictions.  Food items will still be allowed for the classroom parties which occur throughout the year around holidays including October, December, and February, and at other school specific special events.  Food items brought in for these celebrations must be clearly labeled with all ingredients and those being brought in to “Allergy Alert” classrooms must not contain items restricted in that classroom.

     Personal party invitations should not be distributed at school unless they are given to every child in the classroom.


    Information from Teachers



    Parents are urged to contact the child’s teacher first with any concerns. While the principal urges you to contact your child’s teacher first, please feel free to contact MES administration whenever you feel the need. Both the principal (Lisa Burgin) and the assistant principal (Janet Carroll) have an open door policy. We would appreciate you calling and making an appointment, if at all possible. This assures that they will be available at the appropriate time.


    Please do not come in unannounced before school to talk with the teacher. They are planning and getting ready for the day. An unannounced visit may keep the teacher from getting materials ready for the day. Please call the school office (615-790-4700) and set up an appointment with your child’s teacher should you need to talk with him/her. Each teacher has a planning time that may be used for conferences. The teacher is responsible for a room full of children and cannot leave the room unattended. A short conversation in the hall can disrupt a classroom and interrupt an entire day’s schedule. Thank you for adhering to this policy.


    The purpose of homework is to review, practice skills, and study. It is not to learn new skills and concepts. For younger students, it should foster positive attitudes, good work habits, and responsibility. For older students, it should facilitate knowledge acquisition in specific topics. Each grade level has a homework policy. The frequency and duration of assignments per week is determined by your child’s grade level.

    Academic and Behavior Support Team (ABST)

    Everyone at Moore Elementary and in the Franklin Special School District keeps the district vision of “excellence in teaching and learning for all” at the forefront of all our decisions. Meeting the varied needs of students is the most important task we have as educators. Teachers design and implement instruction with each student’s ability level in mind, making sure success is within reach at all levels. To achieve this goal, teachers use flexible, tiered instruction in math, reading, and language arts. This means that students who excel will be challenged at higher levels and students who need additional instruction or intervention to understand the material will receive that help in his/her level. This extra learning time may be provided by the student’s regular teacher or by another qualified teacher in the building. A variety of assessments are used to determine how well the interventions are working to meet the student’s needs.

    Sometimes teachers need assistance from a team of teachers or other specialists at school to determine the best strategies for student success. This team, known as the Academic and Behavior Support Team (ABST), is in place to provide necessary support to teachers as they work to find the best interventions for each student. On occasion, the ABST will suggest a change in strategy or may ask for a parent conference. When the Academic and Behavior Support Team meets to discuss a student’s progress, families will receive a confidential, brief summary of that discussion. Families will be notified of the support that they may provide at home to help the child reach his/her learning target. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact any of our coaches – Kim Smith (, Sarah Goode (, or Klaire Davis (

    Report Cards

    Grades on report cards are simply used to communicate a child’s progress during that given nine weeks. If the parent or guardian wishes to discuss the report card, he/she may call the school office (615-790-4700) and make an appointment to meet with the teacher. FSSD uses a standards based report card for all elementary grades.  This reporting system enables teachers to clearly report on a student’s progress toward meeting academic standards.


    If a textbook is damaged or lost, the student to whom the book was loaned must pay for book at the end of the school year. The final report card will be held until damaged/ lost textbooks are paid for in full.

    Student Information


    All students have a library period each week. We have an excellent selection of books available for loan to children. The librarian and her assistant ensure that students check out books on their reading level. If library books are lost or damaged, the student to whom the books were loaned must pay for them.

    Lost and Found

    Misplaced clothing, lunch boxes, and other items are always a persistent problem in the elementary school. We encourage parents to label clothing, lunch boxes, etc. so that we might return misplaced items to the owner. Any lost and found item will be sent to the office and then placed on the Lost and Found rack and table located by the cafeteria. Please feel free to check for any lost item.

    MAC (Morning and Afternoon Care)

    The MAC Program is a morning and afternoon care program for the children of Moore Elementary from 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Students receive academic tutoring, enrichment activities, healthy snacks, and social connections with other children outside of the school day, in a safe and caring environment. If you would like more information on this program, please call 615-790-4719.


    Parent Information

    PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)

    The Parent-Teacher Organization enables parents to become aware of and participate in the educational process. Administrators and staff work closely with the PTO in a supportive relationship. The goal of the organization is to promote the welfare of Moore Elementary School and its students, to foster a closer relationship between school and home, and to support the activities and programs of MES through financial and voluntary support. Each parent is invited to join and participate in the activities and meetings of the PTO. Information will be sent home with your child concerning PTO early in the school year.

     Volunteer Program

    Volunteers play an important role at Moore Elementary. Moore Elementary welcomes parents, grandparents, etc., to participate in our volunteer program. Volunteers are needed to assist in areas such as: individual classrooms, library, field trips, special event days, and other related activities. If you are interested in volunteering, please let your child’s teacher know or call the school office.


    Any visitors to the building must enter through the main office, present a valid, government-issued photo ID, and acquire a visitor’s sticker.

     In a continuing effort to prioritize the safety and security of our school campuses and the students and employees therein, the Franklin Special School District Board of Education amended its Board Policy 1.501 (Visitors to School/District Properties – Security Management.) on Monday, May 8, 2017. From this date forward, “all visitors shall be required to present a valid, government-issued photo ID when they enter any school building or office during normal hours of operation and all visitors may be subject to a background check.”

    If you do not have a current government-issued photo ID, please speak to the school principal, assistant principal, or secretary and they will be glad to assist you.

    Those who are simply visiting the office for the purpose of speaking to staff, filling out paperwork, or dropping items off do not need to present identification. However, anyone who wishes to visit an area beyond the office must abide by this revised policy.

    Public schools are not public places and school officials have a duty to protect the students while they are on campus. While we always welcome visitors and guests, we understand this very serious obligation and are proud that our school board has deemed this a priority by placing it in policy.

     Upon leaving the building, all visitors must leave through the main office and return their visitor sticker. The purpose for this policy is to ensure the safety of all students and faculty. If you need to bring lunch, money, etc., to your child during the day, please give it to the secretary in the office. We will ensure that your child will receive the item. Make sure to label the item with your child’s name and the teacher’s name. Please do not go to your child’s classroom unless you have permission from the office and/or your child’s teacher. We are making a special effort to eliminate as many interruptions as possible in the classroom. Each time someone enters a classroom, the students’ attention is lost from the class work. Thank you for your cooperation!