Special Area 

John Parks- PE, Tiffany Carlton- PE, Colin Henson- PE, Eli Adams- Music, Rebecca Piggott- Library, and David Reynolds- Art

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Special Area Website

David Reynolds Visual Arts
Rebecca Piggott Library Media
Eli Adams Music
Tiffany Carlton
Colin Henson
John Parks
Physical Education

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teachers standing in parking lot

Left Side: Klaire Davis, Mandy Wiemers, Michelle Rolston, Ashley Fern 

Right Side:  Shannon Carlisle, Bruce Coberly, Sarah Goode, Amy Gordon

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Bruce Coberly   Counseling
Shannon Carlisle   Accelerated Learning
Klaire Davis   Math Coach
Ashley Fern
Amy Gordon

Michelle Rolston

Sarah Goode   Reading Hounds
Mandy Wiemers   Soaring Eagles



teachers standing in grass

Special Education 

Shannon Hodgson, Emily Todd , Stacy Roberts, Fran Bucaric, Morgan Kettler, Fran Bucaric, Lauren Hawranek, and Markley Jones

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