Thank you for sharing your child with me! Moore Elementary is dedicated to providing a sequential skill based music education for every student. First and second grade students receive music instruction 30 minutes every three school days. Third and fourth grade students receive music instruction 30 minutes every other school day. Kindergarten students receive music instruction in centers 5 out of 6 school days as part of the readyK program.

By participating in musical activities, your child will:

• develop awareness of the body and its relationship to space by moving, singing, and playing instruments

• communicate ideas, feelings, and emotions through improvisation

• increase through listening activities awareness and discrimination of sound, auditory memory and sequencing ability, and the ability to respond to the coordination of sounds

• gain interpersonal skills by participating in instrumental ensembles and group activities in movement, improvisation, and singing

• develop aesthetic sensitivity and appreciation through listening and improvisation

In addition to your child’s regular music instruction, there will be opportunities to attend special concerts and musical programs throughout the school year. You are more than welcome to attend these programs. Read the Moore Newsletter for upcoming events.

Please feel welcome at anytime to visit music class. I will be glad to discuss your child’s musical development. I would also encourage you to ask your child to share their musical experiences with you.

Eli Adams, Music Teacher

MES School Song