The FSSD MAC program is hiring now for its summer camp. If you, your children, friends, family or neighbors are looking for a summer job, please pass along the following information. We are looking for eager and loving individuals to care for children, and we can’t think of a better place to look than within our own FSSD family.

Our summer workers need to be at least 18 years old, so if you know of graduating high school seniors, those home from college, retirees or part-time workers looking to supplement their income, please send them to us!

We also now have positions open for college interns! MAC Supervisor Amanda Parks will work to design an internship program with any college student studying in the areas of early childhood education, arts education, non-profit management, development and grant-writing, or sports and recreation management.

Interested applicants don’t have to wait until summer begins. They can start immediately in any of our afterschool programs and then transition to the summer program, held at the Central Office Annex on Cannon Street, when the summer program begins May 29.

Here are the details:

Hours are as flexible as you need them to be! If you need hours to work around another job or summer classes, we are happy to create special schedules for you.  If you prefer routine, our standard daily shifts are 5 hours, mornings and afternoons. (examples: 7-12 or 8-1 for mornings and 12-5 or 1-6 for afternoons). We can also offer longer shifts, such as 9-4 Mondays through Fridays.

Pay ranges from $9.47 to $11.91 for applicants based on similar experiences. However, teachers and parapros will receive $15 per hour.

Age of Campers
MAC staff works with kindergarten through 8th grade campers, who are divided into age groups. If you are more comfortable with one age group than another, we can make that accommodation for you! WeeMAC also needs help, so that age range is 6 weeks through age 5.

Please see the MAC brochure for a detailed listing of activities, field trips, guest speakers, and much more. It’s going to be a great summer!

Application Link:

MAC Position- working with K-8th grade students
WeeMAC Position- working with Infants to Age 5