FSSD and WCS logos


It is with deep reflection that we reach out to our Williamson County Schools and Franklin Special School District school communities.

As public school districts, we strive to nurture, support and educate all children. We proudly serve students and families from a variety of backgrounds, cultural experiences and faiths. Our mission is universal. We want our children, their families and our staff members to feel safe in our schools and in our communities.

Events that have occurred across our nation over the past several months have threatened the sense of security of many of those in our community. It is critical for us to work together with our school families and community partners to create a safe and nurturing environment where open, honest, thoughtful dialogue can happen.

As a united team of school leaders, we pledge to our communities that we will not stand for hate or racism. We celebrate the diversity in our schools, and we are positive that through these watershed moments, we can all grow in understanding and create a culture of empathy and tolerance in our schools. As part of a larger community, our schools must model respect and consideration of our friends’ and neighbors’ life experiences and cultural traditions as a way of broadening awareness. Our schools are a reflection of our community, and the schools that make up WCS and FSSD will continue to work toward ensuring that all are welcome and the voices of all of our students, faculty and staff are heard.

As we move toward a better future together, both Williamson County Schools and Franklin Special School District are committed to ensuring that all students, families and staff feel safe, valued and connected to their school community.

Thank you in advance for working with us to become better together.