School Counselors are particularly important because they have the ability to allow students to have a “non-graded” relationship with an adult. Unlike teachers, school counselors don’t give grades and they don’t impose discipline like administrators. The school counseling function is all about relationships. As the counselor, I teach guidance lessons related to personal/social, academic and career topics. Many of the lessons are connected to our character education program, Character Under Construction. I also meet with children individually at either the child, teacher, or parent’s request. I work with small groups of students who may be dealing with a life change. (divorce, death, etc…) I welcome your phone calls anytime. I hope you have a great year at MES!

Dr. Ellen Anderson


September  RESPECT  I will show respect for myself and others.
October  RESPONSIBILITY  I will be responsible in what I say and do.
November  PERSEVERANCE  I will show perseverance when I keep on trying.
December  CARING  I will show I am caring with my actions.
January COURAGE I will show courage when I do the right thing.
February CITIZENSHIP I will be a good citizen in my school and community.
March TRUSTWORTHINESS  I will be trustworthy and tell the truth.
April  COOPERATION I will show cooperation as I work with others.
May  FAIRNESS I will be fair in how I treat others.