Print What is MAC?
MAC, which stands for Morning and Afternoon Care, is a site-based program located at each school that provides childcare for students before and after school. We are also open on special days when school is not in session, such as snow days, early dismissal days, and school holidays.

Where is MAC?
We are located right here at Moore.

Why use MAC?
We provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for children from kindergarten through fourth grade. • We provide a variety of stimulating activities, both social and physical. • We are located at your child’s school. • Our staff is employed by the school system, and many of them work as teachers and aides in your child’s school. • There are no outside companies to deal with. • You only pay for the days your child attends.

To get the registration forms and the parent handbook click on the Eagle:

MES MAC Site Manager – Melinda Winter – 615-790-4700
MAC District Office – 615-790 -4719


Before School 6:00-8:15

After School 3:30-5:00

AM Only:

Drop In:  $10

Weekly Contract:  $25

PM Only:

Drop In:  $12

Weekly Contract:  $45

AM & PM 

Drop In:  $22

Weekly Contract:  $60



No addtional charge for Early Dismissal, Abbreviated, and Late Start days for families on weekly PM or AM & PM contracted rates. 

Additional Charge does apply for snow/full days.

Early Dismissal

Drop In AM:  $10

Drop In PM:  $15

Drop In Both:  $25

Abbreviated Days 

Drop In AM:  $10

Drop In PM:  $25

Drop In Both:  $35

Late Start Days

Drop In AM:  $13

Drop In PM:  $12

Drop In Both:  $25


Drop In:  $27

Contract:  Add $10

Daily rate for scheduled, full-week breaks:  $27/day (NO contracted rates)

Fall Break:  October 5-9

Thanksgiving Break:  November 23-25

Winter Break:  December 28-30, 2019 to January 4-5, 2021

Spring Break:  March 15-19, 2021

*Please see the Days of Operation for MAC closings during holiday breaks.