RevTrak Online Payment Service

The Moore Elementary Cafeteria serves breakfast and lunch daily. Students may pay as they go or set up a pre-paid account through the Cafeteria Manager or with ONLINE PAYMENTS by RevTrak. Using RevTrak, parents can pay for their students’ meals online with a credit card or debit card ($25 minimum payment). RevTrak offers email notifications when your child’s account balance meets a pre-defined amount.

When sending lunch money with your student, please remember to put the money in an envelope with their name to ensure that it gets to their account. If funds run out, students will be allowed to charge up to three meals. After three charges students will be provided a no choice meal until the bill is cleared. No students will go without food, but please make every attempt to keep your child’s account current.

We love visitors! Students are allowed to have authorized visitors join them for lunch. You may view the lunch schedule by clicking the link above to see what time your student’s lunch period begins and ends. Please remember to bring your government-issued photo ID to sign in at the office and receive instructions prior to entering the cafeteria.


K – 11:05 – 11:40

1- 10:45 – 11:20

2- 12:15 – 12:45

3- 12:20 – 12:55

4- 11:25 – 12:00


$1.50 for K-4 students/$1.75 for 5-8 students
$2.25 for adults
$.30 for students eligible for reduced prices

$2.60 for K-4 students / $2.75 for 5-8 students
$3.50 for employees
$4.50 for visitors (children – $2.75; holidays $5.50)
$.40 for students eligible for reduced prices

For more information about free and reduced meals or to print an application, please visit FSSD Child Nutrition online.

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